BARC’s Education & Vocational Training Program

BARC offers ongoing education and vocational training for all of our willing adults with developmental or other disabilities, built upon a long collaborative relationship with the Bakersfield Adult School. Through instruction and support, our BARC special needs adults develop the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Punctuality
  • Basic math
  • Basic reading
  • Basic money management
  • Basic record-keeping
  • How to follow instructions
  • Interact effectively with supervisors, coworkers and representatives from the public
  • Use good body mechanics and follow basic safety practices in the performance of job duties

Each adult student is evaluated and the highest functioning adults (85%) are able to work either at BARC or for businesses in the community.  The community work program is called Supported Employment. An example would be as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store. Job coaches work with the BARC adult and the employer, to instruct the client how to do the job and develop positive working relationships. Occasionally a job coach will indicate that a placement is not working out, and the client will be assigned elsewhere. However, most of the time the placement is very successful, and the job coach can withdraw and allow the client and the new employer to work together. The job coach is always available to intervene if any problems develop. Our experience has been that most employers are astounded by the work ethic and positive attitude of our BARC adults. We have several placed adults who have not missed a single day of work in over 25 years!

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