Tire Shredding

BARC Tire Shredding receives tires with the appropriate state mandated fees to shred, handle, and transport to appropriate tire shred users. The shredded tires, also known as Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA), are cut to around 2 inch shreds.  This material – the second largest use of scrap tires in the U.S. behind-tire derived fuel – is employed in a variety of public works projects to replace naturally-mined materials such as gravel.  Cheaper and lighter than gravel, TDA has superior drainage properties and reduces noise and vibration when used in light-rail projects.  When used in place of mined aggregates, it preserves natural resources and landscapes.  In addition, twice as much TDA can be transported in a single truckload, when compared to gravel, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. TDA can also be used in embankment fills, landscape repair and slope stabilization, as well as retaining wall backfill and as vibration mitigation material. Using TDA in place of soil reduces excavation needed to achieve hillside stability.  It is also less expensive than other non-aggregates.
Prices to dispose of tires: $.05 per pound

  • We only accept passenger car and pickup truck sized tires. We do not accept tires of any other size.

*Tire haulers are encouraged to call for pricing.


For more information regarding our tire shredding operation, please contact Andres Lopez, MRF Manager, at 661-834-2272 ext. 290 or via e-mail at alopez@barc-inc.org.

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