BARC Industries provides job-training and work opportunities for our adults to enable them to earn money while gaining confidence and success in the workplace. The majority of adults who are intellectually and developmentally disabled are engaged in profit-earning ventures. Our industries showcase the talents of our adults in providing finished, customized products and valuable services for the Bakersfield community.

Adults interested in a work-activity program are encouraged to work productively in settings from pre-vocational training to independent, community employment. This spectrum of services allows for optimal independence and quality of life.

BARC takes great pride in the fact that businesses throughout Kern County recognize that we have competitive pricing, secure inventory controls, warehouse capacity storage and worldwide shipping capabilities.

BARC’s commitment has been proven to the community that we are creative and innovative in all of its structured industries and that “It’s Just Good Business” to use BARC Industries.

Find out what BARC can do for you today. Contact Jeffrey Popkin, Director of Operations at 661-340-2550 or

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