Wish List Items

As BARC serves over 500 adults with developmental disabilities per day with program services and support, there is an ongoing need for items to allow us to continue to provide those services at the highest level.  If you would like to donate any of the items listed below or have questions about how you can help, please contact us at 834-2272 (please note: In most cases, donated equipment may be new or used). 

Packaging Dept.

Off-Site storage

30 stacking chairs/30 stools

2 work bench tables

2 wet/dry vacuums

10 brooms/5 push brooms

2 service carts

10’ ladder

utility step-stool

Training/staff development

4 hand held Spanish/English translators

Landscaping & Farm Program

Small skip loader

2 Honda self-propelled rotary lawnmowers

riding lawnmower ($2,500)

power edgers ($400 ea.)

Support Services Program

20 first aid kits

Businesses interested in hiring BARC clients

Supported Employment

10 Blackberry Bold 9000 smart phones ($200 ea.)

Businesses interested in hiring BARC clients

Document Destruction

2- Sorting Conveyors ($5300 ea.)

Crew cab box truck with lift gate

Shred Truck ($220k)


Fork lift ramp ($15,000)

20 ton air jack ($1500)

One inch shank air gun ($1000)

Portable welder (used – $2800)

Pick up truck ($10k-25k)


4 commercial-grade microwave ovens

Outdoor tables/chairs (heavy duty)


Pick-up truck ($10k-25k)?? 


Painting services around property

Paving services around property

Solar panels for new building

Kern River Valley ARC- Lake Isabella

Handyman and electrician services


Two 40’ Sea Train storage containers ($3000 ea.)

Asphalt for the north side of recycling lot

Bunkers and concrete ($3500)

4 – Pick up trucks ($10-25k ea)

2010 Roll-Off Truck ($140k)


Acreage to permanently house the Magical Forest

Car trailer to transport Grinch Mobile

Sponsorships for Art with a Purpose projects

New or used closed in storage trailer for transport to events

Used fork lift

Used cargo van

Christmas decorations and props for our annual Magical Forest

Volunteers for events

Plywood sheets, lumber for props for Magical Forest

Paint, supplies, brushes, rollers, pans, spray gun for props

 Access Now

30 gallon trash cans w/wheels


Fully Automated Additional Equipment

2-Duel ram balers

2 5,000 Pound Forklifts

Below Ground end-feed conveyor

 Tire Shredding

Sea trains

Roll off boxes

Tent or shade structure over unloading and working areas

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