BARC operates a 25 acre campus with over 170 dedicated and caring staff.  There are seventeen active programs with some programs operating 7 days a week.   BARC must maintain generate over $1.3 in funding each month to keep pace.  BARC over the past five years developed three important business enterprise programs to create a self-sustaining nonprofit and increase jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Thus far for every community job created BARC has create two in-house jobs for adults with disabilities.

The needs of BARC are great and each year there is another challenge to face.  BARC has created a “Wish List” that is posted on the web site.  These are items that are in continual demand or at the high end of the cost scale.  BARC is thankful for all the help that the community and others have provided to continue to care for the needs of over 400 developmental adults.  The BARC Foundation must actively pursue grant funding from a variety of sources; including private foundations, government agencies, local businesses and private individuals.  Below is a listing of major grant funding received for the past calendar year of 2013.


Arthritis Foundation $20,000 special donation to better serve I/DD adults.
Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Foundation $10,000 to help purchase a new recycling roll-off truck.
Cal-trans 5310 Program $150,000 to purchase three mini-vans to transport I/DD adults to their work sites.
The Coca Cola Foundation $25,000 to increase recycling efforts in Kern County by over 1 million more pounds per year.
Friends of Mercy Foundation $25,000 to establish a dental treatment program for I/DD adults who cannot afford dental care.
HEDCO Foundation $40,000 to help purchase a new recycling roll-off truck.
Kern County Fire Department, Office of Emergency Services $20,000 to provide disaster preparedness education and training for I/DD adults and produce a video.
Kern Community Foundation $1,000 special award to better serve I/DD adults.
PG&E $2,500 towards BARC an awards banquet for honoring the accomplishments of I/DD adults.
The PG&E Corporation Foundation $25,000 towards for the creation of 17 new jobs through increased recycling.
Patricia Brown Foundation $2,500 engineering drawings for improving the capacity of our Material Recovery Facility to enter into Phase II.
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust $2,000 towards a heating and air conditioning system for the workers on the recycling sort line.
Southern California Edison $5,000 towards disaster preparedness “to-go” emergency bags for our disaster preparedness students.
State Farm $7,500 towards the purchase of recycling containers.
The TJX Foundation $2,500 towards employment and training of I/DD adults.
US Bank $5,000 towards employment and training of I/DD adults.
Wells Fargo Bank $1,000 towards employment and training of I/DD adults.


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