Art With a Purpose


BARC‘s newest enrichment program is entitled Art with a Purpose, an art therapy and retail program that will offer all types of artistic expression including ceramic painting, pottery, collage, stepping stones, yard art and other projects.  Our Clients have embraced the opportunity to showcase their artistic side and learn different types of techniques. This program is available to all of BARC’s Clients, including our most severely disabled in our BARC on the MOVE program.  Art is universal and the fine motor skills and relationship building that go along with learning how to express their creative side is invaluable.

In addition, BARC’s plans are to create an inventory to be sold in local retail outlets and online through the BARC website.  Knowing their art pieces will be out in the community and the proceeds received from sales will help continue funding of Art with a Purpose gives the Clients a tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment.

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