Our Legacy

In 1949, a small group of 13 local families wanting to provide a nurturing and caring environment for special children with Down Syndrome or a degree of mental retardation originated the concept of what evolved into the private, non-profit organization known today as BARC…Bakersfield ARC. They could never have dreamed of the extent to which their hopes and prayers would eventually be answered.

Now over 60 years later, through their guidance and foresight, and with enrollment approaching 600 adults, BARC is recognized throughout the state as the premier educational and work services provider for persons with developmental disabilities. As envisioned, BARC remains committed to meeting the needs and desires of its clients and their families, its customers, its generous supporters, and the entire Bakersfield community.

More than 15 specifically designed programs, guided by a caring and devoted staff of over 180 qualified employees, provide a full circle of support and services to adults and seniors in the areas of work, advocacy, home, early detection, family and recreation. BARC’s training, vocational and educational programs enhance the lives of the clients whose disabilities range from mild to profound mental retardation and includes individuals with borderline intellectual functioning. They are treated with dignity at all times.

Upon completion of the programs, BARC’s clients discover empowerment in the workforce, as well as in their daily lives. In return, the businesses which hire BARC adults realize they have employees with outstanding work ethics, qualified performance, reliable attendance and enviable safety records. Businesses throughout Kern County recognize the efficiency of the products and services BARC provides and views the clients with the utmost respect and admiration.

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