Annual Financial Recap

BARC is able to employ our 400-plus clients through programs of education and vocational training in a wide range of profit making businesses at either the BARC campus or in a supported employment environment for other companies in Bakersfield.

About 45% of BARC’s $16 million-plus budget is generated by its own goods and services. This extraordinarily high percentage of funding from its programs is unique among the thousands of ARC’s nationwide and is attributed to the pride and work ethic of BARC’s clients and staff.

The most recent economic impact analysis shows continued growth, strength and positive projections in the comparison of client and employee wages and salaries with BARC expenditures on goods and services, which means increased savings to the taxpayers in Kern County: Every dollar spent by BARC created an additional income of $7.18 in the Bakersfield economy.

         annual report financial highlights

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