Community Outreach

Through community outreach and education, BARC strives to make the community more aware of issues related to adults with intellectual andĀ developmental disabilities and how BARC serves their needs. In addition, government, businesses and individuals can become more aware of how they can participate and assist BARC achieve its vision of Giving People Purpose.

BARC is well aware of the importance of the BARC Grand Tour and everyone is invited to take it. BARC has a partnership with KGET Channel 17, Bakersfield’s local NBC affiliate, which produces monthly public service announcements about BARCā€™s programs and industries.

BARC continues to promote, distribute press releases and pitch story ideas to local publications regarding its programs and industries while continuing to seek collaborations with other nonprofits, agencies and businesses regarding projects and events. Active with the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and other area organizations and clubs, BARC is a strong presence at business trade shows and honoring public speaking requests.

BARC is always striving to identify and increase the awareness of both its internal and external customers. With that intent, BARC will continue to increase and educate the community about its programs.

Everyone is welcome to take a tour of BARC’s 25-acre campus to see firsthand all of the outstanding programs BARC offers.

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