About Us

The Bakersfield ARC (BARC) is a non-profit organization that has been providing essential job training, employment and support services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled and their families since 1949. Located on a sprawling 25 acre campus on South Union Avenue since 1982, BARC is home to a vast array of industries that help provide our income and programs that enrich our Clients.

To accomplish our Mission, BARC offers more than 15 programs that are designed to provide a full circle of support for adults and seniors in the areas of care, work, advocacy, home, family and recreation. Every program is designed to meet specific needs, while integrating with and/or complementing other programs. BARC’s training, vocational and educational programs enhance the lives of the clients whose disabilities range from mild to profound and includes individuals with borderline intellectual functioning. They are treated with dignity at all times.

BARC is the largest Service Provider in Kern County that offers employment and care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We offer the most comprehensive support for the intellectually and developmentally disabled and the communities in which they live. BARC currently employs more than 180 staff and more than 400 Clients earn wages while working at a BARC Activity Center, Customized Employment Development program, or in a Supported Employment setting. The revenue gained from BARC industries such as Recycling, The BARC Shoppe, Woodshop, Packaging and our new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) are reinvested in other Client activities such as advocacy, enrichment, socialization and family support.

BARC’s Clients discover empowerment in the workforce, as well as in their daily lives. In return, the businesses which hire BARC Clients realize they have employees with outstanding work ethics, qualified performance, reliable attendance and enviable safety records. Businesses throughout Kern County recognize the efficiency of the products and services BARC provides and views the Clients with the utmost respect and admiration.

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