Bakersfield Business Conference + BARC = 1,500 Cubic Feet weighing in at 2,200 Pounds of Recycling

The 9/11 Remembrance flags on the Conference grounds.

The 9/11 Remembrance flags on the Conference grounds.

After a five year hiatus the Bakersfield Business Conference returned last Saturday with a vibrant energy and a renewed purpose to bring a wealth of information, insight and inspiration to thousands of attendees.   A tremendous success brought about by the herculean efforts of George Martin, Brandon Martin, Katrina Nelson, Borton Petrini and the hundreds of volunteers and vendors that spent countless hours ensuring a seamless day.   BARC had the opportunity to be among the vendors and volunteers and we certainly made the most of our day.

Along with over 500 vendor staff and 300 plus community volunteers, BARC Recycling Services proudly took their place as a cog in the machinery charged with running an event of this magnitude.  Placing nearly 200 BARC recycling containers throughout the conference grounds and servicing those containers throughout the day were a dozen staff and Clients from BARC.  With 10,000 attendees,  40,000 water bottles and soda cans and hundreds of pounds of cardboard to be kept out of the trash (and ultimately the landfill), our small but mighty volunteer crew had their work cut out for them, making for a long but very productive day.

Over in the art pavilion, BARC’s Art with a Purpose program was on display with a collection of note cards, mouse pads, coasters and a variety of ceramic pieces.  All of the items displayed were hand painted by the Clients of BARC and available for sale.  We did a brisk business throughout the conference and the proceeds from Saturday’s sales will assist us as we continue to grow this popular program on campus.  Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit or shop with us.

As a vendor and volunteer at this year’s conference we were given a bird’s eye view of the scope of work involved in this massive undertaking and it resulted in a profound appreciation for what true collaboration is all about. BARC is deeply grateful for the opportunity provided to us.  This is but ONE example of everything and everyone working together without personal agendas, egos or strife and provides an excellent example of community and a willingness to give of ourselves for a greater goal.  It is what makes Bakersfield and Kern County special.  It is also what makes the Bakersfield Business Conference an extraordinary event.

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