Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a specifically designed program that selects and trains highly motivated Clients capable of working in independent employment positions.  BARC’s goal is to meet the needs of the business community while enabling workers with a disability or those who are at a disadvantage to become productive and contributing members of society.

Guidance is centered on helping these adults maintain full-time employment in the local community.  Supported Employment places trained individuals with disabilities in positions with businesses of all sizes in Kern County.  Our Clients are rewarded with a sense of empowerment and the ability to earn an income in the workforce.
Prospective employers obtain hardworking, conscientious, reliable and dedicated employees who prove themselves time and again with continued safety, exemplary attendance and outstanding performance.

Opportunities are available for work crew or individual placement with job coach training and supervision at no cost to the employer.  Once a Client is trained and is comfortable with his or her new responsibilities, the job coach leaves the site, returning only periodically for supervision or if new responsibilities are added.
A few of the local businesses that have contracted with BARC Supported Employment include:

  • BMI
  • WalMart
  • Three Way Chevrolet
  • Army Reserve Training Center
  • Dreyers
  • Marine Corps Training Center
  • Veterans Administration
  • Cal Trans – Lebec Rest Stop
  • Porterville Development Center
  • CHP – Buttonwillow, Bakersfield, I-5 scales and Ft. Tejon
  • Golden Empire Affordable Housing
  • Home Depot
  • In-Shape
  • Iron Works Speed & Kustom
  • Vons
  • IKEA
  • Ca. Dept. of Water Resources – Castaic, Lost Hills, Mettler and Vista del Lago
  • Alianza Recycling Group
  • J&D Recycling — Taft
  • Mission Linen
  • Warren Peterson Construction
  • Westminster Presbyterian
  • Downtown Business Association
  • Kern City Civic Association
  • Albertson’s Food Stores
  • Goodwill Industries

The benefits to your business are many:

A supported employment team will work with you to ensure that your needs are identified and met.

Job Coaches provided for and paid by BARC learn the job from you.

Job Coaches train the employee until he or she  learns their job duties & provide continued support throughout employment

Advertising costs are reduced

Employee turnover drops

Your business may be eligible for Work Opportunity Tax Credits

You get a motivated, dependable employee

Bob Weir

Contact Bob Weir at 661-834-2272 to learn more about hiring your next great employee.

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