BARC Recycling provides a community service by operating beverage buy-back centers throughout the City and County as well as a full service recycling operation on our main campus at 2240 South Union Avenue.  This industry provides jobs for our BARC clients, reduces landfill disposal and the City and County achieve their waste diversion mandates.  We take pride in our program which processes over two million pounds of material each month. Our recycling programs operate throughout the greater Bakersfield area and Arvin.  BARC also picks up waste office paper and recycles cardboard, newspaper and e-waste at its main yard.

In 2004, BARC won its third Quality Recognition award from Alcoa as being in the top 5% of all shippers.  According to Bryan Steverson, chairman of the Alcoa Rigid Packaging UBC quality committee, consistently clean cans are key. “Load after load, BARC provides UBCs that are virtually free of moisture, dirt, glass, plastic and other materials,” he said. “They serve as a standard for the nearly 2,000 companies who ship UBCs to Alcoa, and we want to recognize their good work,” Steverson said.BARC Recycling

BARC (Main Facility)
2240 S. Union Avenue
Between White Lane & Planz Road
Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 5 pm
Sat 8 am – 4 pm
Closed Sunday

We accept the following at the main facility:

All CRV Materials: Cans, glass, plastic

All Paper Grades: Cardboard, white and colored ledger, newspaper, magazines and junk mail.

Industrial/Commercial Services: Roll-off bins, baled material and mill-direct shipments.

Office Recycling Programs: From desk side to high-rise, custom tailored recycling service including, secure document shredding.

E-Waste: Computers, televisions, radios, VCR’s, DVD players…virtually anything electronic with a cord.

Televisions and computer monitors are hazardous to the environment. BARC invites Kern County to get them out of the garage or office, keep them out of the landfill and let BARC collect them in its E-waste program. Companies such as Aera, Chevron, ARRC Technologies and Kern County Superintendent of Schools are doing their part in preventing hazardous materials from going into the landfills by bringing their old equipment to BARC. Individuals may receive a tax benefit as well as aiding in protecting the environment.

** Please note that we do NOT accept batteries.  Please remove any batteries from your electronic device before bringing it to our e-waste collection area. **

BARC E-Waste
2240 S. Union Ave., Bakersfield

Our Recycling Centers & Buyback Centers accept the following materials:

CRV Materials ONLY: Glass, Aluminum Cans and #1 & #2 Plastic

Recycling Facts

BARC Recycling diverts over 2.6 million pounds of material each month.  BARC Recycling accepts almost 16,000 tons of material each year with 9,400 tons consisting of CRV materials

BARC Processes monthly:

  • Approx. 500,000 lbs glass
  • 300,000 lbs aluminum cans
  • 700,000 lbs cardboard
  • 125,000 lbs soda pop bottles

Did you know… a plastic bottle can be purchased, recycled, processed and back on the store shelf in 7 days.

Recycling an aluminum can uses only 5% of the energy required to make a new one. Recycling glass uses only 50% of the energy.